v 3.15.0 | Minor 🧩

Release date 28.10.2020

Hey Stackers!

Here is a minor update for you, with few quite important bug fixes and new functionalities.

<aside> ⚡ Quickswitch with Spaces


We have made QuickSwitch more functional, so now you can use it for navigating between spaces as well. This is a minor change for Quickswitch, which eventually will become even more potent than Alfred.


<aside> 🗣️ Intercom for Guest Users


Since the last update Stackers using Stack in Guest Mode could not write us in live chat. We have made major changes with the way intercom has been integrated into Stack allowing all users to reach us out at any point. Furthermore, we have also brought out the live chat from the Native Cards Center to the sidebar, that makes it even more easy to access.


<aside> 🐛 Bug fixes and improvements


Fix: Discord Logs out after each restart

Fix: Logout/login caused cards to lose their size and become unresponsive

Fix: Sometimes Quickswitch was becoming non-responding to keyboard shortcuts.

Fix: After closing live chat typing was not possible in the active card

Fix: Facebook and Whatsapp notifications now respect muted conversations within the app

That's all for now. In the weeks, we will be releasing a manifesto, summarizing the insane journey we went through with you since the start of the pandemic, announcing some major news on the business side, as well as informing you what to expect in the product in the coming months.

So, stay tuned and stay safe!